THe board

The Board from November 2016 Biannual Meeting

Front Left to Right:  Mary Jane Mitterling, Stephanie Kingston-Green, David Simon, Phyllis Bowers

Middle Left to Right:  Steve Foust, Kirby Hickey, Kevin Locker, Kraig Faust

Back Left to Right:  Ed Trainor, Matt Hartman

Please note the current board members (terms starting in May, 2017) are listed below.

2017-2018 Conference Representatives:

  • Bishop Jeremiah J. Park, Resident Bishop (Represented by Rev. Gregory C. Myers)

  • Rev. Richard G. Felty, Conference Board of Trustees (Represented by Ms. Mary Jane Mitterling)

  • Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Salsgiver, Conference Connectional Ministries
  • Rev. Dr. Tim Baer, Conference Council on Finance and Administration (Represented by George Sackandy)

2017-2018 Clergy and Laypersons At-Large in Three-Year Terms:

  • Pastor Miguel H. Arenas
  • Ann Carney
  • Stacey H. Harbst, CPA
  • Matthew L. Hartman
  • Kirby K. Hickey
  • Brenda Hoerner
  • Rev. Nicholas E. Keeney
  • Rev. Kevin K. Locker
  • Ernest Mellinger
  • Mark Reinard
  • Rev. Dr. S. David Simon
  • Edward M. Trainor
  • Rev. Dr. Howard T. Woodruff

Participants Without Vote:

  • Andra G. Haverstock, Conference Treasurer
  • Rev. Phyllis M. Bowers, Executive Director

For additional information, please contact Rev. Phyllis M. Bowers, Executive Director at The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation office – 1-800-272-0113 or 717-766-7343