Christian Financial Living

Busy schedule today: Throw laundry in the dryer, feed the kids and the dog, drop off the car at the garage, pick up fast-food for breakfast, rush to work to finish a few projects, work in a meeting, and then off to pick up the car at the garage – Uh oh! No money in my wallet and I forgot the checkbook – run through “cash stream.” Now there’s no time to eat lunch. Oh well, back to work to complete what I never started this morning. How embarrassing! A creditor calls to find out if my check is in the mail and my boss is standing right there!

Finally! It’s five o’clock – pick up the kids after practice and drop off the dry cleaning – Uh oh! If I pre-pay for my dry cleaning, I’ll get a ten percent discount, but I didn’t get enough money out of “cash stream.” Okay. I’ll put it on my credit card. Uh oh! I’m running late. Oh no! Fast food for dinner too! Now, back to the laundry… 11:00 PM: Uh oh! I never mailed that check. Oh well, it can wait until tomorrow.

If this sounds like the story of your life, you may need a little help with planning. With so much of our lives beyond (and sometimes out of) control, wouldn’t it be great to put a “handle” on some of the things you actually can control? We can help with that!

During our Christian Money Management Seminar, you’ll learn how to evaluate your attitudes toward money, discuss related goal setting and create a budget. You’ll also learn about personal finances, cutting costs and understanding the value of using money wisely. We have the tools you’ll need and we can teach you how to use them.

After all, you can’t control the price of gasoline, but you can do something about that hectic schedule brought on by lack of planning. If you don’t control your money, your money will control you. Start enjoying a lifestyle determined by your relationship with Jesus Christ, not the amount of money or stuff you have.