Policy for On-Line Access to Client Accounts

Upon proper completion and submission of the current application form prepared by The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation and/or its Financial Advisor, any investment client with an established account(s) held in trust by The Stewardship Foundation may authorize its designated representative(s) to have internet (on-line) access to its account(s).

On-line access is not granted until The Stewardship Foundation’s Executive Director signs the application form and forwards it to the Financial Advisor. The Financial Advisor then sends instructions, password and identification number to the applicant under separate cover to maintain security.

The investment client may designate not more than three (3) representatives to have internet (on-line) access to each account held in trust by The Stewardship Foundation. The Stewardship Foundation recommends the investment client designate the same individuals as representatives for all accounts and requests immediate notification of any change in representatives.