Workshops & Seminars


Charitable Gift Annuities

Giving is an act of faith, and a charitable gift annuity is a way to give to your favorite charity while receiving a high rate of return from the gift during your life.  Single, joint and two-life rates are available upon request.

Christian Financial Living

Evaluate your attitudes toward money; discuss related goal setting, budgets, financial planning, cutting costs and understanding the value of using money wisely.  Enjoy a lifestyle determined by your relationship with Jesus Christ, not the amount of money you have.

Debt Management Consultation

Life can get “away” from us, and so can our financial obligations.  Whether your debt has been incurred because of loss of employment, medical expenses, or even poor management, we’re happy to guide you to financial wholeness once again.  All consultations are strictly confidential.

Personal Consultations

Our representative will gladly meet with you for a confidential, private consultation without cost or obligation.  Services provided include budgeting and money management, wills, estate and charitable gift planning.

Wills and Estate Planning

Topics include wills, trusts, federal gift taxes, executors (personal representatives), guardianship, living wills and durable powers of attorney.  Estate planning expresses what we believe, assures proper disbursement of property and minimizes taxes payable at death.