Helping Churches with Financial Consulting

Church leadership, no matter what position, is passionate about ministry.  We share that passion and work to provide financial support for your ministry.  From financial coaching to creating endowment funds; wills workshops to meeting with your stewardship committee, the Foundation is your one stop resource.  Working together, we can create a revenue stream that will keep your church's ministry alive long after we have passed into glory.  Reach out to us and let's see how we can work together. 


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Stewardship is our response to God’s love.  It is everything we say and do after we say “yes” to Jesus.  A Biblical, on-going and comprehensive stewardship education effort secures the ministries of your Church now and in the future.  We can help you increase giving now and create planned giving options for your future.

  • Churches with an on-going stewardship emphasis reap the benefit of increased attendance.
  • Churches with an on-going stewardship emphasis report increased giving.  This enables them to reach and help more people.
  • Church Leaders benefit from advanced stewardship education, resources and training.
  • As congregations increase their knowledge of stewardship as a way of living, the whole Church community benefits in a variety of ways, including additional volunteering.
  • Stewardship education brings freedom to individuals and then, to the congregation.  That freedom is a significant part of spiritual growth which translates into more joyful givers.
  • As a Planned Giving Program is put in place, the Church congregation gains security in knowing that their ministry will still be there to support future generations.