“Dearly beloved, the Church is of god, and will be preserved to the end of time…”  We’ve heard these words when we knelt at the altar and were confirmed as members of the Church.    If there ever was an organization that ought to think, talk, and plan in terms of permanency and long-range planning, it is the Church.  

Since its infancy, the Church was always looking ahead, striving for its place in the future.  Certainly the frontiers of today call for us to be committed to the Church that “will be preserved to the end of time…”

An Endowment fund is a good way for your Church to say:

  • We believe in the future of this Church.
  • We want our stewardship guided by the belief that all we have is a trust from God.
  • We want to build a sense of permanence in what we do.
  • We want to be good stewards as a “church family.” 
  • We want to “go the extra mile,” providing services and programs that were only dreams.
  • We want to create a heritage that future generations can celebrate as joyfully as we celebrate our rich heritage today.

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