Upcoming Events

The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation offers on going events.  Learn more by clicking on the event button below.

Workshops & Seminars

Besides our scheduled events, The Foundation offers specific workshops and seminars designed with your church in mind.  To learn more about any of our workshops or seminars, just reach out to us by clicking HERE and we would be glad to share what all is involved with each workshop, who it is designed to help and the results you can expect.  Most are offered free or at a very low cost.


Capital Campaign Consultations

We provide the local church with an analysis of the feasibility of a building or remodeling program.  Areas covered include the church’s mission, financial resources, ability to pay, methods of giving, raising money, work camp for construction and organization of a Capital Funds Campaign.


Capital Campaigns for Small-Member Churches

You too can run a capital campaign.  Sometimes smaller-member churches embark on this project without the help of an outside consulting firm.  Let us help you be sure you’re up for the task and then guide you through the process.


Comprehensive Planned Giving

Do your members know about their options for leaving a charitable gift to your church?  We can help establish bequests, charitable gift annuities, endowments, and various types of trusts.  Once your Planned Giving Program is in place, we’ll have you promote giving through customized promotional pieces.


Current Giving Analysis

We’ll work with your finance and stewardship teams to analyze your current giving and recommend steps you can take to lead your members to increased giving through spiritual growth.

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Electronic Funds Transfer Training

This is something new to the church and we’re ahead of the curve.  Learn how your members can transfer their gifts from their own accounts directly into your church account.



Endowment funds provide many opportunities to support the ministries of your church.  We also meet with the church leaders and, through a series of questions answered by the group, design your Endowment Fund Agreement.  This seminar is usually conducted with the Investment Seminar.  We can also help you design special promotional pieces for your Endowment Program.

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The Investment Seminar is the place to come for the information your church needs before it invests.  Included is the investment philosophy of The Stewardship Foundation, socially responsible investing, different investment funds, record keeping, reports and financial statements.


Investment Review

Perhaps your congregation already has invested funds with The Stewardship Foundation or elsewhere.  We’ll take a good hard look at your asset allocation and performance, and then make suggestions on how you can make the best of your resources.


New Consecration Sunday and other Annual Commitment Programs

Why should your church consider an annual commitment program?  What resources are available?  We match your church’s personality and needs with a program that leaves a positive feeling of accomplishment and spiritual growth.


Planned Giving

A Planned Giving Seminar assists your church in developing a three-to-five-year Planned-Giving Program.  Included are types of programs, promotion, material available, time line and annual evaluation.  The goal is to encourage permanent endowment fund gifts which support your church’s specific call for ministry.


Promoting Your Endowment

Once you’ve established an endowment fund, you’ll need to let people know what it’s all about and how they may contribute to it.  We’ll help you compose and produce a promotional brochure to distribute to your congregation and help build your fund.


Services of The Stewardship Foundation

Find out what this is all about.  Learn about all of our services through a concise and clear presentation.  Get your questions answered without any obligation.


Stewardship Development – Mini

Stewardship Mini immerses the participant into stewardship as a way of life.  Basic Biblical principles are addressed and intentional giving with “first fruits” is a focus.


Stewardship Development #1

This is the foundation of our services.  We believe that all we have and all we are is a gift from God and stewardship is a way of life.  We discuss the church’s role in the education of its members on the Biblical concepts of the steward and how to put stewardship development to work in your church.  


Stewardship Development #2

This is an advanced seminar for those who already have a stewardship program. Get new tips and tactics to enhance your education process –  “Moving from Scarcity to Abundance.”


Stewardship for All Ages

This is an all-church program usually conducted during two days.  It includes seminars and special resource studies and will be customized to meet your specific needs.


Wills Seminar Planning

Several members form a team to publicize your scheduled Wills and Estate Planning Seminar.  There are bulletin inserts, posters and announcements to be prepared.


Wills and Estate Planning

Everybody has an estate, regardless of your income.  With our workbook “Planning Your Legacy – A Christian Guide to Planning Your Will & Trust,” we’ll walk your through a step-by-step planning process and end all that confusion.  Also includes a complimentary copy of the book “Provide and Protect.”