What does The Stewardship Foundation do?

  • Socially Responsible Funds Management for churches and organizations

  • Planned Giving Services

  • Stewardship Education and Development

Are your services for churches or individuals?

For Churches and other Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Educational Seminars (see home)

  • Endowments

  • Socially-responsible Investment Management

For Individuals:

  • Gift Planning Consultations

  • Educational Programs

What is an Endowment?

A permanent fund established by a non-profit organization which provides income for a specified purpose.

What do you mean by “Socially-responsible” Investment Management?

The United Methodist Church has an actual document entitled “The Social Principles of the United Methodist Church” and it is updated every four years along with our “Book of Discipline.”  These Social Principles strictly prohibit us from investing in companies that deal with alcohol, tobacco, pornography, etc.

What does “Stewardship” mean?

It stems from an old Greek word meaning “to manage.”  Therefore, a “Steward” is one who manages things belonging to someone else.  We are all Stewards of all that God has given.

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