American Council on Gift Annuities – Calculate the rate for your Charitable Gift Annuity.  

Center for Parish Development – Works ecumenically with North American and European Churches using the Likert systems approach.  Established by United Methodists, the Center offers dozens of courses in stewardship, leadership development and corporate spirituality.

Ecumenical Stewardship Center – ESC serves the stewardship needs of its 28 member denominations, as a related organization of the National Council of Churches of Christ.  It publishes resources including the yearly “Giving” magazine, and hosts continuing education events for denominational and judicatory stewardship staff as well as others with stewardship concerns.  

Faith and Money Network – Faith and Money Network equips people to transform their relationship with money, to live with integrity and intentionality, and to participate in creating a more equitable world.

General Board of Discipleship, United Methodist Church – Offers written resources, leadership and training events in nine dimensions of stewardship for United Methodist congregations and judicatories.  

Generis Partners, LLC – Capital Campaigns for the local church

National Association of United Methodist Foundations – NAUMF seeks to create a new consciousness of Christian philanthropy, enhance the giving heart, and strengthen the local and general Church for ministry.  Its membership includes representatives of annual conferences, area, General Church and other United Methodist related foundations.  It networks with nationwide training opportunities, professional organizations and publishers, and meets yearly. 

PNC Institutional Investments Sub-Accounting Advantage On-Line View portal – As a client of the United Methodist Stewardship Foundation, you can view your statements and other account information on this site. Please login to access your account information.

Susquehanna Conference of the UMCSusquehanna Conference encompasses the central and northeastern part of the state north to the New York State line and south to the Maryland line.

UMC Giving – Telling stories of stewardship, giving, and the funds of the church.