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Any of our Staff members can be reached at 1-800-272-0113

We are a team of dedicated professionals working together to offer you a broad spectrum of stewardship services. We do everything we can to be efficient and resourceful in our work. Christ is at the center of our daily tasks. We take joy in our service to Christ, and to you, our Christian brothers and sisters.


Ann Vreeland


Summerson and Alleman PC


Rev. Dr. G. Edwin Zeiders




Gloria J. Lehigh

Staff Account Manager


Mary Jane Reachard

Client Database Manager


Our Board


The Board from November 2018 Biannual Meeting

Front Left to Right:  Brenda K. Hoerner, Matthew L. Hartman, Phyllis M. Bowers, Nicholas E. Keeney, S. David Simon

Back Left to Right:  Miguel H. Arenas, G. Edwin Zeiders (Consultatn), Ann M. Carney, Mark A. Reinard, Ernest L. Mellinger, Edward M. Trainor, Matthew A. McKnight

Not Pictured:  Bishop Jeremiah J. Park, Stacey H. Harbst, Andra G. Haverstock, Kirby K. Hickey, Kevin K. Locker, Mary Jane Mitterling, Gregory C. Myers, George G. Sackandy Jr., Thomas L. Salsgiver, Howard T. Woodruff

Please note the current board members are listed below; the new term will start in June 2019.

2018-2019 Conference Representatives:

  • Bishop Jeremiah J. Park, Resident Bishop (Represented by Rev. Gregory C. Myers)

  • Rev. Richard G. Felty, Conference Board of Trustees (Represented by Ms. Mary Jane Mitterling)

  • Rev. Jason R. Mackey, Director of Conference Connectional Ministries and Administrative Services

  • Rev. Dr. Tim Baer, Conference Council on Finance and Administration (Represented by Rev. Robert Kazinski)

2018-2019 Clergy and Laypersons At-Large in Three-Year Terms:

  • Pastor Miguel H. Arenas

  • Rev. Richard Berg

  • Mrs. Ann M. Carney

  • Mr. Matthew L. Hartman

  • Mrs. Brenda Hoerner

  • Rev. Nicholas E. Keeney

  • Rev. Kevin K. Locker

  • Mr. Ernest L. Mellinger

  • Mr. Mark A. Reinard

  • Rev. Dr. S. David Simon

  • Mr. Edward M. Trainor

  • TBD

Participants Without Vote:

  • TBD, Treasurer of the Susquehanna Conference

  • Rev. Phyllis M. Bowers, Executive Director of The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation

For additional information, please contact Rev. Phyllis M. Bowers, Executive Director at The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation office – 1-800-272-0113 or 717-766-7343