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The Christian View of Money: Selfless Leadership

Practice all of your leadership skills, including financial.


How might you model meaningful leadership in your ministry when it comes to  money?


1. Providing a simple thinking construct for working with money dilemmas.

2. Developing more money applications in preaching.

3. Gaining perspective on leading diverse communities, especially in money matters.

Mark L. Vincent, PhD, CCNL is a Chair for the Eastern Wisconsin Convene Team. He is the CEO of Design Group International, and provides leadership to the Convene Consulting Network, providing wise guidance for leaders of enterprise and service organizations. Out of his own life spent building enterprise while dealing with a prolonged health battle, Mark, and his first wife, Lorie, pared and honed their answer to the question, “if there is just one thing to which you could give your life, what would it be?” The answer for Mark is to love leaders as they claim their life vocation as stewards of enterprise.  His latest book is the 4th edition of The Christian View of Money.

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