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No, We Ain't Got a Barrel of Money But--



Ready for a super session? Get a jump on the fall with this special webinar.

We ask that you submit your registration before by September 12th. When you click "Open Form" you will be directed to our PayPal link. If you wish to pay by check, close the box and send your $10 nonrefundable check make payable to UMSF and send to the following address: The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation, 3901 Hartzdale Drive Suite 110, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

If you have any questions, please call 717-755-7343 or email

Thank you for registering! We look forward to being with you on September 19th!

Imagine the money we need versus what we have for ministry. Imagine they are the same.


"We like to complain that we are poor and struggling, little money, and pity us. BUT, the reality is we have as much money as we need for the mission, we are just afraid to ask for it, or we ask poorly."

This presentation addresses our situation of indifferent giving (2% as average), some US statistics, references to studies, and opens us new and different ways to raise funds and stewardship awareness.